Mosquito bites occur when your skin is penetrated by the mouthpart of the mosquito. Mosquitoes not only draw blood but also leave a bit of saliva behind. This saliva causes our body to respond by creating red, itchy bumps.

Mosquito infestations are risky because certain mosquito bites can result in severe symptoms. If you are struggling with a mosquito infestation, consider consulting a mosquito control princeton specialist.

Signs Of Mosquito Bites

Depending on your immune system, you can have varying reactions to a mosquito bite. While most individuals only develop a bump on their skin, others can experience greater skin irritation and soreness.

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Common signs include:

·    Puffing up of the skin and redness

·    Minor blisters

·    The hardness of skin and red-brown bumps

·    Dark spots similar to bruising

Who Is More Susceptible To Mosquito Bites

While the above signs are common and usually not concerning, certain groups can have greater chances of being at risk. This includes those who have not previously been bitten by mosquitoes and haven’t developed immunity against them. Children are also more susceptible due to this reason, as are those with suppressed immune systems.

In such serious cases, mosquito bites can result in:

·    Fevers

·    Hives

·    Greater swelling

·    Greater redness

·    Swelling of the lymph nodes

Infected Mosquito Bites

Mosquito bites can also cause complications if they become infected. Infections are usually caused if you scratch at the bite. It will start to look redder and even feel warm to the touch at times. Don’t hesitate to consult a doctor in case your infected bite continues to worsen.

Mosquito-borne Diseases

The bite can transmit some serious diseases like Dengue, West Nile virus, Malaria, and so on. These diseases can also impact bitten animals. Mosquito-borne germs are transmitted to cause specific diseases. However, only those without immunity against the illness will get sick.


Mosquito bites can seem harmless and aren’t something to worry about at most times. However, this does not mean you should become careless. Always keep track of your condition if you have been bitten multiple times, and ensure your health safety.