Millions of people in the world use and/or abuse cocaine. Cocaine is a stimulant drug that has strong effects on the user. When a user consumes too much of the drug, they overdose. An overdose happens if the body is dangerously overstimulating. This causes a mound of side effects such as:

·    Nausea

·    Confusion

·    Tremors

·    Sweating

·    Tachycardia

·    High body temperature

·    Stroke

·    Seizures

·    Psychosis

This is not a complete list of symptoms of an overdose but some of the most common. Since cocaine is a stimulant, it keeps the user wide awake, sometimes for days at a time. If a cocaine user suddenly becomes very tired and you cannot wake them, an overdose is likely.

Anyone struggling with an addiction to cocaine can turn their life around. Although substance abuse issues shippensburg put a serious dent in a person’s life, there is nothing that says it is the final destination or outcome in life.

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Substance abuse treatment provides cocaine addicts with the tools they need to overcome their addiction and live life free from illicit substances that can cause them so much harm. In treatment, the addict learns so many life skills and gets help from medical professionals.

Since an overdose can occur the very first time a person uses cocaine or any time while they are using, cocaine is very dangerous and should be considered as such. The likelihood that a person will overdose while using cocaine varies and factors like the manner in which the drug is used and the amount influence this fact.

Addiction helps reduce the odds that an overdose occurs. It helps the user get their life on the right path toward success, without drugs. Cocaine is a devastating drug that can cause an overdose but help is there.