What does it mean to be able to punch above your weight? Well, for one thing, it could mean that you are cool, calm and collected at the best of times and at the worst of times. It also means that you have ethics as a badge on your breast. And if needs be, you lead by example. Further than that, take the fantastic sport of boxing for instance. The boxing classes rochester trainees attend will be teaching them the rules of the game.

And one of the most important rules of the good sport of boxing is to literally punch above your weight. Those unique, silky trunks that boxers wear are used as indicators. There is a line which opponents may not cross. Punch below that line and the guilty offender will be disqualified. It is of course in the interest of safety to have such rules in place. But it is also about instilling a sense of character.

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It teaches you to be a better man. Or a better woman as the case may be. There will always be those times when your opponent is that much better, stronger and powerful than you. And no matter how well and hard you train, you are always going to be up for the count. You might just lose a fight. It’s about being able to get up from the ground and start again. But there are those that loath contact sports.

You are also against violence, any form of pugilism. But you do not have to have any direct contact. You do not have to rain down blows, nor do you need to strike any blows. You could just go right ahead and do a little shadow boxing instead.